Write every day project – Day 1

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For a guy that has had “be a writer” on his to do list, I do an almost awe inspiring little amount of writing. I’ve read hundreds of articles and books on writing and let me save you some time, in the end they all basically boil down to “If you want to be a writer, write.”

I’ve come and gone in fits and spurts, and the new years “reboot” seems as a good a time as any to rekindle the routine.

I’ll commit to writing the first thing in the day, spending 15 minutes to an hour each at at 4:30-4:45AM. Topics will vary but of course be centered on my main passions and hobbies:

  • Finance / typically day trading focused
  • Fitness
  • General Productivity
  • Writing
  • Making – particularly focused on my current biggest interest, cabinet making

The thought is that by pushing “something” out every day it will be like a snowball rolling down hill and ideally a few weeks and months the quality and value will build.

Good news dear reader, I will “grade” each post at the beginning, while you may or may not agree in the end, you will at least be able to recognize if I perceive the post as having value.  Notice above this post garners a “C-“.

Had this post been longer I would probably give it an even lower grade, but since it takes only a few moments to read and introduces the project I think a middle of the road grade is appropriate.

Thank you for reading.




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