Workout Log: 8/28/2010 – Day one with the Prowler!

I have wanted to pick up a Prowler sled for probably close to 2 years, but finally decided to take the plunge after watching my son start football conditioning. The Prowler is a very “footballish” training device, much like a tackling sled without the heavy bag.

I’m curious to log my progress since it is an absolute kick in the fricking ass to use!! I had gone into the first workout thinking, “I’ll push 10-12 40 yarders empty, should be a bitch but no big deal.”

I did 4 – 40 yarders unloaded and 2 – 40 yarders with my 55lb son riding on the sled. And the results were blistering, I had enough wind to get through it but I thought my legs were going to explode!! I almost fell down twice and finally had to succumb to leaning over and using my upper body to support all my body weight on my knees.

I plan on using it 2-3 times a week and anxious to see the results. I’m assuming gains will come fast the first few weeks.

In closing if your looking for a way to shred your legs in a few minutes I HIGHLY recommend it! Plus a lot like a kettlebell or barbell its just damn FUN to use!

Finished up todays sled workout with 100 16KG kettlebell swings, for not being a “weight” training workout, I could barely move my arms or legs at the end. Good day, especially since I did it all outside in the sunshine and 90 degree heat!! I’ve said it before but I LOVE training outdoors in the summer!

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