Workout Log – 6/3/2010 – TT BB Workout A

Exercise Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
1A – Medium Grip Bench Press 5x205lbs 5x205lbs 5x225lbs
1B – DB Row 8x50lbs 8x50lbs 8x50lbs
2A – 3 – Board Press 6x205lbs 6x205lbs 6x205lbs
2B – Barbell Row 10x135lbs 10x135lbs 10x135lbs
3A – DB Incline Press 10x50lbs 10x50lbs 10x50lbs
3B – DB CSR 8x45lbs 8x45lbs 8x45lbs
Other then my barbell falling apart and nearly decapitating me, it was a GREAT session!

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