Workout Log – 5/18/2010 – TT BB Workout A

Exercise Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
1A – Medium Grip Bench Press 5x185lbs 5x205lbs 5x205lbs
1B – DB Row 8x50lbs 8x50lbs 8x50lbs
2A – 3 – Board Press 6x205lbs 6x205lbs 6x205lbs
2B – Barbell Row 10x135lbs 10x135lbs 10x135lbs
3A – DB Incline Press 10x50lbs 10x50lbs 10x50lbs
3B – DB CSR 8x40lbs 8x45lbs 8x45lbs
Stupid knee continues to nag, so mediocre upper body workout follows. Better then nothing, but it would be really fricking nice if this knee would get better so I can get back to full body workouts.

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