Daily Routine


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    4:30 – Rise, coffee and supplements
    4:45 – Journal
    5:30 –¬†Weight Train – 100 Burpee Warmup
    6:30 – Breakfast
    6:45 – Meditate
    7:00 – Writing
    8:00 – Stock research/Watchlist/Business/Market Reading – WSJ etc.
    9:00 – Trade
    9:15 – Read trading rules – Write Trading Plan
    11:00 – Dog Walk
    11:45 – 100 Burpees
    12:00 – Lunch – Email/Social Networks – Errands
    1:00 – Write – Long form project
    2:00 – Trade
    4:00 – 100 Burpees
    4:15 – Trading recap video/Plan
    4:30 – Daily review/Plan next day
    5:00 – Family Time (Be Present!)
    7:00 – 100 – Squats,Pushups,Situps, Foam Roll, Yoga
    7:30 – Read to kids
    8:00 – Read Book
    9:30 – Bed

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    6 thoughts on “Daily Routine”

    1. Is this your full-time-trader schedule?
      Is 4 hours of trading (+preparations) enough to make a living?


    2. Yep!!

      Keep in mind I don’t always take that mid day break. But often it is a great way to protect profits. Myself and so many other traders, have good mornings, then give back profits during the mid day lull. Then fight to make them up in the afternoon. I did EXACTLY this Friday, crushed it all morning. Then entered lame crappy setups mid day and gave back profits in 3 small losses. Had I walked the dog I would have been waaay better off.

      You have to work your ass off trading, but lots of times its not about sitting at a computer and never leaving from 9-4. The real work is done outside the trading hours.

    3. What was you daily routine, in terms of trading, like when you had full time job? I’m having a difficult time with time management, which I’ve always struggled with. Trying to balance a full time job, wife/family (2 kids with 1 on the way)/house and wanting to get into trading instead of working … I don’t really have the upfront capital to make the leap directly into trading so it will take me a while to build my capital up.

    4. Hey Timothy,
      I can across your site. I am intrested In starting to invest in penny stocks and dont know where to start.. Watched some free videos on youtube Timothy Sykes 7 lessons. Please help thanks

    5. Hey Timothy, first off, i really want to thank you for this website, its very helpful and informative for someone new to trading like myself. Your dedication and effort is much appreciated. I really want to make trading work, im consistently trying to better myself. Its my 2nd year trading and after blowing up many accounts, im finally grasping and understanding all this. My biggest problem is finding the right stocks to trade, any input in your process on finding good risk/reward stocks to potentially trade would be very helpful.

      Thanks again

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