Webinar on trading pennystocks part time today 12/17 @ 4:15 PM


I will be hosting a webinar for all Investors Underground members who are curious about my style of “Part Time Pennystocks”. Investors Underground is a great resource for all traders. But particularly for very active/full time traders. If you are interested in how I use the IU communities scans/alerts/video lessons/webinars to trade volatile stocks without sitting at a PC 9 hours a day. Feel free to join in.

I will be going over my daily routine, including how to scan for and locate stocks. As well as what tools I use for alerts while away from a computer. I’ll also cover how I size in and manage trades while not being glued to a PC.

IU Members feel free to post questions below for today’s webinar or just save them for when you join!

All current IU members connect to the Momentum Trading room and the Webinar ID will be posted there.

If you are interested in the IU community and are not currently a member, I have a link with discounted memberships, click here:

5 thoughts on “Webinar on trading pennystocks part time today 12/17 @ 4:15 PM”

  1. any advice money management? Such as max % of our acct to put into each position, when to change from being in “acct building” mode to “wiring out profits” mode?

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