Watchlist for 8-26-2015 – $SIXD, $OMER, $SUNE, $ACI,

Today’s Plan:

Scan’s continue to be a challenge because of the wackiness of the market jumping around. I leave early in the morning for Colorado to hunt Mule deer so I’m not going to get to aggressive today. If I spot a layup I’ll take it, but otherwise I’m not going to ruin a solid 2 week run with aggressiveness. I have plenty to do to get ready for the trip so I’ll chill and set alerts. If tickers come to me I’ll trade them, but ONLY at my price.

$ESI I'll take it, considering I got like ZERO solid trade ideas right now.

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Solid day yesterday on $ESI though I should have been more aggressive. But I had a plan and stuck to it, just never got the pop’s I wanted to size in.

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

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