Watchlist for 8-25-2015 – $SPY, $VXX,

Today’s Plan:

A good day though nothing stellar, but I followed my plan exactly. I didn’t put a trade on till about 11:45, call me a wuss but I thought it best to just sit the morning out. I’m short biased and could feel myself believing all the doom and gloom. I had a distinct feeling that if I chased short shit would bounce. And hmm what happened? Shorted $SUNE, but never got any good add’s. I traded that because I think long term its toast. Probably got lucky more than anything with the late day market slide.

Curious about today, at this point it looks like a “buy everything” type day. So I may have no trades..

$SUNE Freaking SSR kept cock blocking me on add's. But oh well easy profits on a crazy day.

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Update: Yep its pointless doing a watchlist pre market today, I scan based on the previous day and 90% of the tickers coming up are ETF’s and NONE of them are anywhere near where they were yesterday. I’ll build my watches and plans all based on premarket action from 8:00-9:15.

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

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