Watchlist for 7-6-2016 – $BGI, $XBIT, $MEET, $TRX

Today’s Watchlist

Couldn’t get much brewing yesterday, missed GREAT potential trades on $XBIT and $INSY by being cheap on my order entry. But I always try and focus on only entering at my price, so it happens, I miss because of it. But it lowers stress so it’s my method. Ended up trading $EXAS mostly just out of “wanting action” after those early misses. I also flipped and tried a long on $INSY after it held in the afternoon, looked very solid until AdamF tweeted and brought that uptrend to a screeching halt. It happens.

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

Birks Group Inc. (BGI) -NYSE MKT

Doubt I will trade this but pretty much have to at least keep an eye on it. My goal would be a morning rip, then a short entry mid afternoon for a fade into the close.


XBiotech, Inc. (XBIT) -NasdaqGS

Feels like the longs are thinking “we got saved” ideally a push to $20 then a fade back under, giving them an exit, then a long fade back to lows.


MeetMe, Inc. (MEET) -NasdaqCM

More or less back burner watch, will have the chart in the background to spot a big rip squeeze out.


Tanzanian Royalty Exploration Corp. (TRX) -NYSE MKT

Meh, I like the chart, but thinking this just slow grinds up and then drops out of the blue, not sure if there will be an edge to be found.


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