Watchlist for 7-28-2015 – $ITEK, $NYMX, $SLTD, $OGXI, $MNOV

Today’s Plan:

Watchlist was spot on yesterday, basically everything worked. Unfortunately my actual execution was poor. Profited on $MNOV and $ITEK, but left sooo much on the table. I think I was trying to follow too much so the instant I saw green on either I covered. Need to work on focusing down to 2-4 main watches instead of trying to follow all 8-10 on watch closely.

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

Inotek Pharmaceuticals Corporation (ITEK) -NasdaqGM

Plan: Crazy range on this, I’m thinking this probably pulls hard soon, but I will focus on entries.

Target: Squeeze, will not short fading or grinding, I’ll only short this if it goes batshit to the upside.


Nymox Pharmaceutical Corporation (NYMX) -NasdaqCM

Plan: I think there might be an offering already out. Will short pops towards $3.

Target: $3.00


Solar3D, Inc. (SLTD) -NasdaqCM

Plan: Leaving this on watch for some reason, but all the volume has come out.

Target: $4.50


OncoGenex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (OGXI) -NasdaqCM

Plan: Chart is probably a solid long at this point, but I’ll wait for a spike.

Target: $4.00+


MediciNova Inc. (MNOV) -NasdaqGM

Plan: Moving pre market so I’m curious. Watching for spikes

Target: $5.00+


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