Watchlist for 5-8-2015 – $ICLD, $GEVO, $CERE, $PTBI, $FATE, $TASR

Today’s Plan:

Tired of fighting these low floats, good thing, I’ve kept my sizes right and stuck to my stops, bad part, it’s been death by a thousand cuts the last couple days. I’m done trying to pick tops, let them run and I’ll wait for backside. Especially being a Friday these things could really rock.

Its a beautiful day outside and I’m not gonna ruin it by trying to go to war. If a layup presents itself this afternoon I won’t be far from a PC.

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

InterCloud Systems, Inc. (ICLD) -NasdaqCM

Target: $4.00

Gevo, Inc. (GEVO) -NasdaqCM

Target: Major stuff into a short squeeze, or let it run all day and set a clear top, ie $6 yesterday afternoon.

Ceres, Inc. (CERE) -NasdaqCM

Target: $3.20

PlasmaTech Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. (PTBI) -NasdaqCM

Target: $7.50-$7.75

Fate Therapeutics, Inc. (FATE) -NasdaqGM

Target: $7.50

TASER International Inc. (TASR) -NasdaqGS

Target: $33.25

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