Watchlist for 4-24-2015 – $VGGL, $ADXS, $AMCN, $CALI, $ENZN, $UEC

Today’s Plan:

So my goal for yesterday was to use patience, I followed through and did that on the best trade of the day $VGLL. Wanted a fill at $3.50 but it never quite got there so I entered when it looked to be running out of steam at $3.20. Nice all day fade and was tempting to cover. But going in my plan was to hold O/N and wait for a real crack. I like the looks of it, basically closed right on the lows.

Goal for today, kind of patience related but its more just being willing to sit on my hands. Took a couple losses trading $PBR yesterday. Both of them were manageable and losses are part of trading. But what I DO NOT like about it, is I only traded it because I didn’t see anything else. There are SO many reasons I should not be trading it, its NYSE, its “real”, its based on Oil etc. I have no edge in a trade like that and I’m only shorting because I wanted to be in something. Good news is I have not done that in a long time. This was a good reminder to not do it again.

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

Viggle Inc. (VGGL) -NasdaqCM

Goal is to cover into any washes or at the EOD if it fades or goes sideways. Will try and hold any small spikes since I think it cracks.


Advaxis, Inc. (ADXS) -NasdaqCM

This needs to go on the ignore list.. Keep thinking this cracks especially with $ADRO fading like crazy. But annoying the way this trades.

Target: $23.70


AirMedia Group Inc. (AMCN) -NasdaqGS

Keeping my idea of a starter entry at $5.25, I think it hits it for sure today. These are the times I need to work on going long. For days I’ve been saying it goes to $5.25-$5.50, when its sitting at $4.75.. Oh well come to me baby!

Target: $5.25


China Auto Logistic Inc. (CALI) -NasdaqCM

Looking for it to hit 52’s.

Target: $2.75


Enzon Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ENZN) -NasdaqCM

This is a miss, probably fades for days. But if it can get one more squeeze out I’ll trade it.

Target: $1.75


Uranium Energy Corp. (UEC) -NYSE MKT

Annoying NYSE stock, will trade, but ONLY if it comes to me.

Target: $2.75


2 thoughts on “Watchlist for 4-24-2015 – $VGGL, $ADXS, $AMCN, $CALI, $ENZN, $UEC”

  1. Great calls on the price targets today! How do you determine your price targets for small caps that are going parabolic like the ones you listed? Thanks for any help you can provide and thanks for the posts!


  2. Thanks.

    Most of the time I’m just looking at prior resistance levels. Or possibly the previous day’s high. In my experience these junk companies will often squeeze to those levels or slightly above before they fail.

    Of course not always, but I like using just above those levels as stops, gives a good way to put a defined risk on.

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