Watchlist for 3-30-2015 – $CDRB, $WATT, $CPXX, $VCEL

Today’s Watchlist

Very very very, quiet night on the scans. BUT ideally tomorrow am we get another $KERX, when you get those pre market, no need to worry too much about the nightly scan.

My hunting trip with my son got thunderstormed out this afternoon so we are bumping to tomorrow. So I’ll only be around till 11ish. Which lately the only good time to be trading is 8AM to noon.

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

Code Rebel Corp (CDRB) -NasdaqCM

Oh sweet baby Jesus give me a pop to get short into, I mean not many times you can get a remote desktop software company with two employees located out back behind a Home Depot in Hawaii!

Target: $4.40’s-$4.50 for SS.


Energous Corporation (WATT) -NasdaqCM

Remember when I say go long, it’s almost certain the stock will fail, trade accordingly, but that being said its wireless charging and $AAPL, will buy this if it holds $11 with volume, then trade against VWAP.


Celator Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (CPXX) -NasdaqCM

Ideally this goes below the offering price and all the die hard longs panic because it’s no longer “the floor” Very short biased on this.


Vericel Corporation (VCEL) -NasdaqCM

Watching for a previous high fail and sell off in the $6.30’ish with a stop on $6.50.


4 thoughts on “Watchlist for 3-30-2015 – $CDRB, $WATT, $CPXX, $VCEL”

  1. I did not, no good reason. Other than LITERALLY right before that spike to $4.80 I went down to the pool at the resort I’m at. @swedepilot txt’d me about the spike but by the time I got it I was too late. Had I been at home at my PC I would have been all over it.

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