Watchlist for 3-24-2016 – $CPXX, $WLL, $JCP, $LEU, $NQ via @stockstotrade

Today’s Watchlist

Thanks to Stocks To Trade I’ve decided to start putting out watchlists in the evening as opposed to the morning. Beauty of having a better scanner, now I have more time to workout in the morning and don’t have to stress about putting together my trade plan.

That being said big winter storm tonight so my internet is sucking so no charts. Will post them next time.

Reminder tomorrow is the last day of trading for the week so treat it like a Friday.

While today was a loser I chalk it up as bad luck, $LEU was a solid setup and will eat shit in due time, I got kicked out by a BS insider buy, it happens.

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

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