Watchlist for 2-18-2016 – $GRPN, $ELMD, $NHTC, $TRXC, $FCX, $OCUL, $RGLS, $CYTR

Today’s Watchlist

Huge list today, but I will also be out this morning. Working on an outside project so I’m pretty “open” to adding stuff to my list. Will re-asses this afternoon and go from there. Also running a little low on time so no charts. But my plan will be to get back this afternoon and click the Yahoo Finance link below and decide the 2-3 of this tickers that would be afternoon trades.

I have also gone back to blogging my “intraday thoughts” on trades mainly to help force my conviction, a couple times this week I have had self talk that nailed trades, especially on stops, but then ignore myself. I find writing things down helps enforce discipline.

Trade Notes: $RGLS -2/17/2016

Trade Notes: $QUOT 2-17-2016

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

2 thoughts on “Watchlist for 2-18-2016 – $GRPN, $ELMD, $NHTC, $TRXC, $FCX, $OCUL, $RGLS, $CYTR”

  1. Hi Tim.
    Have you traded $OCUL yesterday? I saw your tweet and stock did hit $10: Sigh Oil/Gas screws me again, watching shitty plays and CXL’d the best of the day! 10:02:18 am tbohen: $OCUL I’m sitting @ $10 for a starter.


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