Watchlist for 2-10-2016 – $TRXC, $GLUU, $FCX, $MRO

Today’s Watchlist

Boooring day yesterday and nothing much interesting today, struggling to not make boredom trades. Best setup I found yesterday was $CERS but BEST case scenario could have shorted it for 20 cents, lame…

I’ll get back to posting charts tomorrow, but all four of these tickers are so lame I don’t even see the point.

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

2 thoughts on “Watchlist for 2-10-2016 – $TRXC, $GLUU, $FCX, $MRO”

  1. Well my frustration was coming through in my comments.

    But in all seriousness, assuming you will never nail the top and the bottom.

    Realistically a short @ $6.30 and a cover at $6.10 is “best case” I was referring too. Just not enough meat on the bone for me. And glad I avoided.

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