Watchlist for 12-29-2015 – $SUNE, $REXI, $RWLK, $AVXL, $EARS, $ROVI, $CNIT

Today’s Watchlist

Blegh, disappointed with my trading yesterday. Not because of bad trades, but tons of misses. I was fired up and ready for the day, but then lost focus very quickly after the open. Thought I had gotten better on this lately but I think all the days off left me unprepared and distracted. It’s fine to work on other things or randomly surf the net during the mid day lull. But I was doing other things and checking twitter etc at 10AM. Strange looking back at my journal, will be on point today.

Way to many tickers again today, I think that may have contributed to my distraction yesterday. I’m not going to write plans this morning because of the volume of tickers. I’ll post again at 9AM with a whittled down list and plans.

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

$AVXL Covered for puny gains. Overstayed but today felt like the crack day.

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