Watchlist for 11-19-2015 – $KBIO, $AVXL, $WTW, $EROS, $AXPW, $HART, $EFUT

Today’s Watchlist

No trades, I had a couple mid day appointments and nothing was that interesting me up until I had to leave at 10:45. Then the afternoon was pretty crazy with all my watches going up, $EROS, $WTW, $AVXL.

After seeing the madness with $KBIO last night, I felt very relieved to have no trades yesterday. Lots on watch need to whittle these down.

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

KaloBios Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (KBIO) -NasdaqGM

Highly doubt I will trade this, if I do it will be some stupid boredom trade like 100 shares into some washout long. This thing can go anywhere anytime.


Anavex Life Sciences Corp. (AVXL) -NasdaqCM

Hoping for para, not sure on the target yet since it may grind. I will NOT short grinding, will wait for a true para.


Weight Watchers International, Inc. (WTW) -NYSE

Tricky bitch, went way higher than I thought. But big market day, pretty much everything went up. Still very short bias, but will need to see how it trades out of the open to pick an entry.


Eros International Plc (EROS) -NYSE

The one trade I almost made was shorting this at $9.00 yesterday afternoon, would have worked out pretty well, but it was getting late in the day and I didnt want to hold overnight. Ideally another squeeze over $9.00


Axion Power International Inc. (AXPW) -NasdaqCM

Only interested if it gets crazy. Short watch but waaay higher.


Harvard Apparatus Regenerative Technology, Inc. (HART) -NasdaqCM

This keeps hanging around and “everyone” is short bias, not that it will pull a KBIO, but I’m not shorting here, needs to get much much higher to squeeze out all the shorts from the last week.


e-Future Information Technology Inc. (EFUT) -NasdaqCM

Still long bias, just like I was back at $6.20…… Just kind of lost sight of it being busy this week. Probably missed the boat, but watching dips.


2 thoughts on “Watchlist for 11-19-2015 – $KBIO, $AVXL, $WTW, $EROS, $AXPW, $HART, $EFUT”

  1. Hey Tim,

    I really enjoy your watch list as your analysis is very similar to mine. On EFUT though, why the long bias? Wouldn’t you be looking for a parabolic short trade at this point?
    Just curious. A response would be greatly sppreciated.


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