Watchlist for 10-21-2015 – $ERII, $HEAR, $WTW, $KIRI, $KNDI

Today’s Watchlist

Nothing great yesterday, covered VTL for a decent win. Shorted pops on KNDI per my plan but lost a little. Then got shook out of ERII. This was annoying since I’ve been working on going long these big gainers and felt like I had a good entry. Then at the end of the day some wacky shit happened that spooked me out. Frustrating because I had the right idea and at this point it looks like it would have worked out nicely.

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

Energy Recovery, Inc. (ERII) -NasdaqGS

I’m still long bias, will watch for dips to a support level. $6.50, $6.20, $6.00


Turtle Beach Corporation (HEAR) -NasdaqGM

I’ve got pretty minimal interest in this, just watching if it gets squeezish.

Target: High $3’s


Weight Watchers International, Inc. (WTW) -NYSE

Basically feel obligated to add this to watch, but I’m just going to sit and wait for a clear backside. Ideally it does some sort of “fry the shorts” move $20+. Really I should be looking for dips to buy, but doubt I will. If anything I’ll watch this today, just to get a better feel for these. It is day 3 though, this is typically the point where the shorts will capitulate and you will get a pull.


Kirin International Holding, Inc. (KIRI) -Other OTC

I’ve been watching this for what seems like a week. I set alerts, they go off, but when I bring up the chart there is so little volume I can’t convince myself to enter. I think this will be a killer short, just picking entry is tough.

Target: $6.50, but volume needs to pick up.


Kandi Technologies Group, Inc. (KNDI) -NasdaqGS

Had my target at $9.50 in pre yesterday. It hit that target and at the same time TSLA was eating shit. My thought process was KNDI is overextended on little to no news and TSLA should drag down all electric cars. KNDI did nothing but grind up a couple cents. At least I wasn’t stubborn and hold a loser overnight. I covered for a puny loss.

Target: $9.90’s


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