Watchlist for 1-8-2015 – Good advice from @investorslive $EARS, $MEET, $SUNE, $RLYP, $GSI, $LEI

Today’s Watchlist

Solid trade in $EARS today, though I probably should scaled in more. Market was wacky and most my watches were all down right at the open and I don’t chase so I didn’t have many options to trade. Though that being said if there was ever a day to chase shorts today would have been it. $SUNE, wow what a gift! While I have gotten annoyed with small profits so far in 2016 it is encouraging to see stuff like this from a guy like Nate @investorslive:

Trading is about preserving what you have in times like this and if you’re not careful or chasing a loss trade after trade it starts to compile faster than you know. I’m a broken record in this market because I know these are the times that separate the ones that trade long term vs the ones that had just been getting lucky dip buying and it working out. This is when plans and stops matters. – Nate @investorslive

I’m green EVERY trading day in 2016, I have not SMASHED or NAILED anything, but after reading Nate’s quote I’m pretty happy with my trading so far.

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

Auris Medical Holding AG (EARS) -NasdaqGM

Though I think it fails I don’t wait it right at $7 on a Friday, ideally $7.50 for a starter then add to a winner.


MeetMe, Inc. (MEET) -NasdaqCM

Good looking setup, though it held $4 all day today in a UGLY market. Considering it didnt crack $4, I’d like to get short, but only higher.

Target: $4.25


SunEdison, Inc. (SUNE) -NYSE

Destroyed on huge volume, this has to be the biggest POS “real” stock I can remember. Would like to short pops though I’m not sure if I’m that brave, it probably goes to zero soon, but it is also down from $30. Probably just a watch out of curiosity.


Relypsa, Inc. (RLYP) -NasdaqGS

I remember being short biased on this back in the low $20’s then it ran to $30. Reality seems to have set back in, will short a pop to $22. But its Friday so I will not be that aggressive.


General Steel Holdings, Inc. (GSI) -NYSE / Lucas Energy, Inc. (LEI) -NYSE MKT

Same thing for both of these, both I was short, both I took small profits, both had I held would have been HUGE! Both I’ll watch for pops for the ultimate unwind.



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