Watchlist 7/8/2010 – Back with another crappy watchlist.

Bummed to a certain extent that I havent posted any watchlists, but for once it has nothing to do with available time. Its simply due to the fact that I have seen NOTHING really solid to trade. There have been setups sure, but nothing great and nothing worth detailing in a premarket watchlist. Considering my #1 trading rule is to not trade out of boredom when the setups are not there, I have stuck to my discipline. I did make a trade the other day on ARNA, but really probably lucky on that one, I just could not resist shorting a company with a magical fat loss pill. So since this is supposed to be a blog with some Finance/trading info, here is a watchlist, but don’t bother trading any of these stocks…

Full list from Yahoo Finance


Three fat loss pill peddlers. I’m sure they are all shit, but I’m primarily watching VVUS after trading ARNA the other day. It appears that ARNA made some sort of deal to license their anti fatass magical potion to somebody so VVUS and OREX are up as well. OREX is lame and totally boring, I’m justing watching it because it is mentioned with ARNA and VVUS all the time. My only solid watch out of the three is VVUS, I almost shorted into the big spike late day yesterday around $11. It “could” have been a good quick trade since it dropped like a stone right at the close. A bounce after hours, so again timing would have had to been perfect. Plus I had no idea what the spike was about, who knows how high it could have ran?? Also FYI, VVUS is an easy borrow at Thinkorswim and Interactive Brokers. SHORT


I tried shorting this multiple times but could never find shares at my brokers. I had my eye on it already but considering Tim Sykes has been trading it, I have tried particularly hard to find shares. No dice. Its still an OK watch, but pretty solid multi day support at $3. Starting to look like it could get boring or even go up slowly. SHORT


Ick, look at that nasty choppy chart! I think I’m only watching this becuase its one of three stocks on my screener. If it were a normal day with ten to fifteen stocks I don’t think I would even pay attention to it. Also up on some pretty lame news, “qualified for use in Dell systems”. I’d be happier if it spikes more, at this point I probably won’t trade it. SHORT


I swear I have traded this in the past, but I can’t remember when.. They do appear to be a “real” company so that is kind of a bummer, plus the spike is nothing huge. But from what I can tell its up simply because they are reconfiguring a plant in Michigan’s upper peninsula to run on biomass for energy.. Whoop de do! Short


3 thoughts on “Watchlist 7/8/2010 – Back with another crappy watchlist.”

  1. So is this your new site i take it? I ve been attempting to weeks to load Kabam and it never worked. I was hoping you were keeping your blog cause I think it is great.

  2. Thanks!! Yeah we sold to some guys doing facebook games for a pretty good chunk of change! I probably should have done something to fill everybody in about the move to a new domain.

  3. you sold it that is funny as hell. i ve heard about people buying and selling domains but never knew anyone that has done it. glad you made some money on it.

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