Watchlist – 7/21/2010 Only ONE stock I can find worth watching.. $ARNA

I was way to busy to watch the markets at all except for the first hour yesterday. And I’m not crazy about trading on a day when I have no “feel” for what the market did the day before. Plus my favorite screen returned ZERO matches. Another big day planned so I’m not that worried about no trade setups, but it would be nice if something happens today to get some junk stocks up big.

Full list from Yahoo Finance


Still holding this short from the other day. A slight short squeeze in the morning then a very gently fade the rest of the day. I have no idea who would be buying this stock, hype fading, volume fading and as far as I can tell they have no scheduled news for months! Probably just bag holders employing the age old ingenious strategy of averaging down. SHORT

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