Watchlist – 7/18/2011 – $CDTI, $ICGN

Trade Recap Video from 7-15-2011 $IRE $CDTI $ICGN : +821 Realized -$120 Unrealized

Committed to building a watch list everyday, but I have way to much going on today to think about trading so its gonna be real brief.

Full list from Yahoo Finance


Holding this short from Friday, I’m not that excited about it either. At this point I think the odds are pretty much against me making any good profits. Maybe $100 bucks? SHORT


I stupidly shorted this Friday, when I saw shares available I rushed in. Dumb move, this will almost surely end badly for me. SHORT

3 thoughts on “Watchlist – 7/18/2011 – $CDTI, $ICGN”

  1. Sorry, I think by default the first comment you post goes into moderation, now that I approved it you should be able to comment freely.

    And yes the goal is to get back into a daily watchlist and daily trade recap video, when I trade that is. So the video’s won’t always be daily. But I really want to do one every time I trade. For myself as well as anyone that is interested.

    Since I’ll be back at the Pennystocking Conference this fall I figure I should put in a little work as a so called “pennystock blogger”. 🙂

  2. Of course now after two days of watchlists, it looks like I’m already going to break my streak…. I got up a little late today (5:30am) and now I gotta get out the door for a busy day.

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