Watchlist 7/15/2010 – Fat loss potions are hot!! $$

No big recent updates, I traded DSTI for a 13% gain in about 10-15 minutes the other day. But it fell to fast and I only was filled on 735 shares. Had I gotten the full 3K it would have been a VERY nice trade. Other then that not much interesting out there. NUSMF was nice but I couldn’t get any shares. I honestly can’t remember if my brokers didn’t have any or if I was to slow. If I was indeed too slow in NUSMF, and IB or TOS had shares I will be bummed. Since that is a perfect test case for my “long term short” strategy. I would have loved to get some in the mid twos and hold for weeks, maybe covering in the mid to low $1’s. DEAR was another stock I flat out missed, but I’m just to timid to short crappy banks unless I can do nothing but watch them while in the position, and I don’t have that kind of time.

Full list from Yahoo Finance


Fat loss plays are huge this week! ARNA and VVUS both have news, but I’m very dubious. CELH is a slower riser but still, they make sugar water that is supposed to magically burn fat.. I’m afraid I may be a little to anxious to short this industry, but next to finance, there is no business so totally loaded with charlatans, liars, ex cons, and snake oil salesman! And those are the good guys in fat loss, I don’t think I have words for the bad guys… SHORT


Oil spill play, under a dollar and a pinksheet so not sure if I will play it. But it appears to be an absolute carcass up on total hype. SHORT


My number one short setup for sure!! But finding shares will be about as easy as finding a unicorn or even maybe as rare as a double rainbow! Up over 100% on some lame chinese media content deal. I will dig and dig to find borrows, but not looking good. SHORT


Kind of a flyer here, but looking for one more stock to add to the list. Obviously companies need money to operate but I find it odd that your stock price shoots through the roof when you sell off what appear to be core holdings of your business. Its like Microsoft selling off Windows and Office to concentrate on the mobile market. Just seems odd to me. SHORT

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  1. I almost added that, but heres a newb question what does the /A or -A mean? I skipped over it since I thought it odd, I thought maybe it was some weird derivative. Thanks

  2. Oh crap I should have known that! I “assumed” that a crappy little company like that wouldn’t have different classes of shares! Thanks

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