Watchlist – 6/24/2010 – More picks and more missed opportunities….

Not a ton of great picks today, but futures are up huge on chinese currency news. Ideally the markets will pep up and create some better shorting opportunities then I’ve seen so far this month. Missed out on a craaaazy short on Friday CWLZ, I was no where near a PC all day, would have looved to play that one. Oh well yet another miss for this part time penny stocker..

Full list from Yahoo Finance


Up close to $3 per share by about 10AM! Beauty of a fade! Scary to short but had I had the chance and the shares I would have gone after it mid afternoon after it went sideways and dried up. Still up from $1.50 so plenty of potential downside, but at this point none of my brokers have shares to borrow. SHORT


Chart is strong but this company looks to be absolute shit. I may try a more longer term short on this one, starting out with small blocks of shares. Not really my strategy, but I could really see a collapse coming in this turd. SHORT


ANOTHER big miss on Friday, I had been watching this all last week and of course the day it dies I’m no where to be able to trade it. Argh, frustrating.. Still plenty of downside, but the high probability play is probably over. SHORT


A random chinese media company. Appears to be up on no real appreciable news. While it is chinese it does nevertheless appear to be a “real” company. Doubt I will trade it but curious to watch it. SHORT

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