Watchlist – 6/23/2010 – One fatass stock to watch!

Been very busy again this week, but from a trading aspect another good week to be too busy. No great plays on the short side, at least in my small niche. One awesome looking play today though!

Full list from Yahoo Finance


Up on news of an effective obesity treatment for people with type 2 diabetes. The company said obese patient with Type-2 diabetes, who were treated with its device Maestro System, showed sustained improvements in blood sugar, excess weight loss and blood pressure in a feasibility study called Enable. I would looooove to short this stock with every penny in my accounts, but the scary part is that in America today if someone actually gets something like this to work it would be a 100 billion dollar industry… Especially since its under a dollar I will probably not short but I think the potential for this stock to crater is EXTREMELY high, the danger is how high will it run before that day comes?!? I highly anticipate a whiny post from me in a couple days about “Oh why didnt I short this, it dropped 50% in one day!?!” If I was smart and a full time trader I’d probably buy early in the morning and then short, but I never have enough time to watch a stock all day long. SHORT

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