Watchlist 6/15/2010

Another day, another lack of great setups. Of course just because there are no premarket setups doesn’t always forbear that there will be no trades. It will invariably be true that no trade will hit my preferred level of risk/reward on days like this though. Friday/yesterday’s trade on APWR is a perfect example of that. While I made $1500+ on the trade the percentage profit was pathetic and the setup was mediocre. It was a “lucky” trade for sure. I won’t complain with a healthy profit, but I will also do my best to NOT replicate that trade again any time soon.

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Asstastic oil and gas play. I can’t even get their web page to come up. Way too illiquid to play probably, but a few shares here and there, maybe worth a small position if it starts to crack. SHORT


I will do my damnedest NOT to trade this stock. Scary price action and especially a short killer. Every spike has been a great short, but every spike also goes higher then EVERYONE thinks. So while I won’t trade it, it is probably the most interesting stock in play today. SHORT


Spikey and scary bitch, but came real close to shorting at the crack of $3, but it made so many runs through it and bounced I decided to hold back. Lots of fluffy news, so I will watch, but tough to decide whether or not to trade it. SHORT


Still holding this boring stock. Price and volume faded a smidgen, but had I not been preoccupied with APWR, I probably would have ditched this position. I had alerts set and they never went off so I pretty much put it out of my mind. Still has a big gap to fill on the downside, but the creeping boredom is building. SHORT


I had shares reserved yesterday, but again chose not to use them. I think the $8.25 level is pretty crucial if it could every crack that for good a selloff may start. I will continue to reserve shares, but I think I’m desperately fishing trying to find a short setup on this stock. SHORT

Recap from Monday:


As mentioned above a decent profit on a crappy setup. I ended up exiting waay to soon, but the stock never acted like it would crack $8.70. Soon after my cover it did though and finished right on the lows of the day at $8.40ish, ahh well..


No real trade yesterday, you could have faded it, but not sure how you would pick a top on it.




Kept running up in the morning then faded back to support levels, no solid play yesterday.

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