Watchlist – 6/11/2010 – A solid potential for a trade today!

I will most likely be chained to my desk today, so good potential for a trade. Would have been much happier with a stronger list, but you gotta play with the cards your dealt. As usual I will set alerts on these stocks and any I scan for mid day. I won’t stare at the screen all day since I have far to much I need to accomplish at work.

Full list from Yahoo Finance


Chinese alternative energy, wow those terms combined in that order will never cease to make this short seller smile! They probably consider “efficient” to be only using 10 railroad cars of coal to light a 100 watt bulb for 15 minutes. Lot of positive fundamentals and upping guidance etc, so tough to short, but we all know those numbers are probably fake don’t we? I’ll look to short if it fades back under $9. SHORT


I’m probably only watching this out of spite, since I missed the good play on it last week. Looks like it is sitting on a precipice getting ready to tip over though. They are up on a big contract win with Walmart, what “investors” forget is that a contract with Walmart is much like a prison sentence of hard labor. Yeah you may be able to sell your products to a huuuge market, but you’ll feel liking your busting rocks in a prison camp to earn 0.00000001 cents per bottle. Good luck with that!! SHORT UPDATE: Jeez do they really only have 41 employees like yahoo finance says? Walmart is going to steam roll them into submission, destroy all of their souls and take the brand and labeling and farm it out to a chinese supplier. Poor bastards I almost feel bad for them..


This is my primary watch, but at this point I have found no shares! This company appears to be as pretty of a joke as you can find! Their webpage is so damn confusing I’m not entirely sure what they do, but I think they inject your ass with protein shakes mixed with HGH in order to prolong and extend your lifetime. Their webpage is killer, it looks like they are selling an ebook in the banner, but I think it might be a breakfast cereal sized box of HGH. PLEASE let me find shares!!! SHORT


Horrible little pinksheet company, popping on hype from the oil spill, highly doubt I will trade it but the chart is niiiice! SHORT

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