Watchlist – 5/27/2010 – Guess what $HAUP is on it!?!

Still holding HAUP from Monday, I DESPISE holding shorts this long, but this stock just continues to slowly edge down and the volume is just totally collapsing.. I really thought yesterday was going to be the day, and I wanted desperately to cover, but every hour it would drop another penny. And while there was a small tape painting at the close it basically closed right on the low of the day.

Another down day in the markets, so no great setups, I will focus on HAUP since I’m very concerned it could spike and erase some of my profits, if it stays under $3 I will continue to be patient, if it goes over $3 I’m out. Besides I anticipate a VERY busy day at work, so I will set price on alerts on HAUP and wait for those, other then that I doubt I will watch the market at any point.

Full list from Yahoo Finance


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