Watchlist – 5/26/2010 – Again just $HAUP, but yesterdays list was nice!

Still holding HAUP short, and sitting on a decent UNrealized profit at this point. Probably should have covered into the drop to $2.80, but I was AFK when a certain high profile trader shorted it and by the time I got back to my PC it was back to banging around the $3 mark. I still like the short and barring any big news I think it continues to slowly fade back into oblivion. My biggest concern is the buyers seem determined to keep it above $3. Every time it cracks, it bounces back above. I’m trying to be patient but if it shows any strength I will cover and book my profits.

Full list from Yahoo Finance


Comments above say it all. SHORT

Recap from yesterday:


Volume was BRUTAL, but killer short, closed down $2.50 a share!! I can’t remember but I think there were a few shares to be had. MISSED!!


No good play yesterday, glad I’m short from Monday’s price.


I actually thought this was going to fall apart yesterday, but after dropping right at the open it regained its losses. I’m watching still, but only out of the corner of my eye.


Kind of the same comments as LMCO, fell with the market, then recovered with the market. I’ve still got it in my realtime watch list, but doubt I’ll trade it now, becoming boring.


I’d like to think if I was at my PC when it cracked $8 I would have shorted this, but by the time I got back it was climbing back up. So considering my timing glad I didn’t play it. But bummer I wasn’t around when it dropped.


Dropped right out of the gate fast and hard. Nice to predict it but tough to play a falling knife like that. Especially a bankrupt pinksheet. Kind of like SEED, it sucks I missed it, but tough to play at the same time.

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