Watchlist 5/25/2010 – An ok list considering the beat down markets.

Looks to be another big down day today, and of course considering the heavy selling yesterday not a ton on my list again. Since I look to primarily short high flyers, and its obviously tough to get high flyers in a market that just keeps selling off. I’ll just watch and keep my powder dry. I did make a trade yesterday that I was not crazy about at first, but my comfort level increased as the day went on. Of course it pretty much went sideways most the day and only went down at a decent rate when the market sold off last minute. So not sure if I will get huge downside in this hyped up stock or maybe just pennies as it follows the market. Oh well, up decent unrealized and optimistic at this point.

Full list from Yahoo Finance


Holdover from last week, it looked to tank on Wed, but I just noticed its managed to recover. But still looking weak and a total POS. SHORT


As mentioned above, currently short overnight. Though small still nice to see some insider selling! SHORT


Very “pumpish” looking electric car company. If Tesla Motors had an alcoholic screw up brother who had been hit in the head to many times this company would be it. Only a few shares available pre market, if they stick around I may go after this aggressively, if my morning isn’t over the top busy. SHORT


Another holdover from last week. Every time it looks to crack it bounces though. I’m fairly certain it will shit the bed at some point, but not sure if I have the patience to wait. And considering the lack of plays today, I may be fishing on this one. SHORT


Perennial short watch, I think I have looked to short this 10 times over the last few years, but don’t think I ever have. Big pop and a fade yesterday, and a decent amount of borrows. But its a day traders favorite so the predictability is tough. SHORT


I hate trading Q’s especially short, but its hard not to keep an eye on this one. 50 cents to 2 bucks in two days. But its a brain dead auto supplier on bailout watch. Tough to ignore, very tempting… SHORT

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