Watchlist – 5/20/2010 – Maybe my shortest list ever!

Glad yesterdays picks turned out well, since I don’t have squat to watch today! I’ll recap yesterdays list below, but not much to say beforehand, considering the small assortment of setups.

Full list from Yahoo Finance


Awesome! Talk about an attempt to sound as totally GREEN as possible, BioSolar, Inc. has developed a breakthrough technology to produce bio-based materials from renewable plant sources that will reduce the cost per watt of solar cells.. Lets make solar panels out of renewable resources, the tree huggers will eat it up!!! Just read the intro on their website and try and tell me they don’t sound absolutely full of it!! That jargon laced gibberish is hilarious! But if you are a moron I’m sure it would impress the hell out of you! I will attempt to short this aggressively if possible, even though I hate shorting under $1, this stock is too good to miss out on. SHORT


I’m still long, and oh yes by the way, I’m still an idiot… LONG


Actually appears to be a borderline “real” company, but these lighting plays have popped a lot lately only to crash. And even if they were for real that chart looks way to vertical to me. Price is much more in my comfort zone, but awfully thin, not sure if I will play this. If I do it will be small. SHORT

Recap from yesterday:


Finally made a couple hundred bucks on this turd, but that took waaay to long, my exit was also rushed due to work commitments. I had thought it would collapse much more after cracking $1.80. Oh well a profit is a profit.


Finally cracked $3, I think I originally called this around $3.10. I’m confident it continues to fade, but waaay to boring. I guess I can call myself right, but whoopity doo, 20 cents!


HUUUUUUGE intraday drop, and huuugly predictable! But no borrows for me… Sad, but it is fun and interesting and indeed educational to see these play out.


I “may” have dropped the ball on this killer short, I never tried very hard to find borrows yesterday AM since I knew I would have no time to trade. Killer short setup and killer trade, but another miss for this Part Time Pennystocker…


More sideways, more boredom.


This did go down, but slooow and boring and illiquid. Another one I was technically right on, but no real trade setup.


Great list from yesterday, too bad I didn’t make any money on any of the setups.

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