Watchlist – 5/19/2010 – A rushed, slapped together list.

Morning meetings and then service calls so this list is rushed! Not that I’m normally a word smith, but please excuse any typo’s and spelling errors etc, I’m trying to pound this out in under ten minutes.

Full list from Yahoo Finance


Finally thought this might crack yesterday, but NOPE! Still waiting, but I have no idea why. SHORT


Another boring play from yesterday, I came very close to shorting but since I said I wouldn’t unless it cracked $3, I stuck to my premarket plan. SHORT


Finally showed some weakness, cracked pretty nicely mid day but then bounced, but unable to get back above $3. Shares are tough to come by though. SHORT


This is probably the best short setup on my list, but borrows are next to impossible. At least at my brokers. SHORT


Uh no, cough cough, I still don’t own that crappy stock!! Hurrumph, how I wish that statement was true, should have dumped into the morning spike yesterday but preoccupied with work, now I’m back to watching it plod along sideways. I HATE owning boring stocks. LONG


Number two best setup, I’ll be desperately trying to lock up some shares to short. SHORT

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