Watchlist 5/18/2010 – Who doesn’t enjoy being a bag holder from time to time?

Ugh, still sitting on a bad short and a bad long, underwater on both. I did make a couple nice trades late last week, but two crappy plays on AEZS and DIVX are more or less erasing the gains from those couple trades. I could have closed both of them and made piddly profits, but tried to think more long term. But neither of these stocks are going either way. If only there were more interesting plays I think I would have moved on. But since I was unable to locate shares of the hottest recent short HAUP. I’m stuck with these two terrible plays…

Full list from Yahoo Finance


Why do I continue to wait? Probably because this turd shows absolutely no ability to spike over $2 a share. Even when they ran out a bunch of positive fluff articles yesterday. Volume and price are fading, but at an excruciatingly slow pace. SHORT


Charts seems too perfect and “engineered”. I’m confident it will fall and fall hard at some point, but impossible to know when it will rollover at this juncture. Constant up day after up day. SHORT


Probably a boredom pick, showed up on my “fading” scan. But tons of positive news, I will stay away unless it cracks a round number at $3 a share. SHORT


Nasty little chinese biopharma up 300% in a couple days. Probably 0% chance I’ll find any shares to borrow, but that chart is a beauty to short into!! SHORT


My super lame long term pick. That sounds so much nicer then “stupid ass bagholding long”. I was trying to give this a little more latitude but its dying on the vine, if it fails to go anywhere today I’ll cut it for a $300-400ish loss. LONG

Review from Previous Day:

No trades yesterday, and I sort of reviewed the end of week action at the beginning of the post.

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