Watchlist 5/13/2010 – Boooring week continues

This has been a week I’ve actually been happy I’ve been far to busy at work to spend time to trade aggressively. There have been plays but only high risk low reward intraday setups. And in my experience as a part timer, when I try and chase those the profits are small at best and big losses at worst. I currently have open positions in AEZS and DIVX but do not like either of them at all, and I’m rapidly starting to feel trapped.

Full list from Yahoo Finance


Announced an early FDA approval and spiked pre market, since like a fool I wasn’t watching it pre market to cut and run, I decided to hold through the spike. I’m a bag holder at this point just hoping for a fade. Lame and stupid place to be, but thats where I am… If it goes up at all I will cut and run. Ideally earnings are announced today and are horrendous and maybe I can clear a piddly profit. I still think long term this becomes a “crow” and slowly picks down to $0.80 cents, but I will never have the patience to wait I’m afraid. SHORT


This finally cracked through the even $2 mark and I expected it to crater. It did not, it actually closed back above $2, annoying, choppy and boring. But for some reason I’m determined to continue to watch it. Please market go up 10% in day so I can find some REAL short setups instead of crap like this. SHORT


I can’t believe I actually bought this stock… Only thing further from my core strategy would be trading GS or AAPL or FAS/FAZ… More or less an attempt to scalp a Tim Sykes alert. But if I was scalping I should have been in and out before the close yesterday, but I decided to hold. If this trade ends in the green I will be VERY shocked. LONG

Update: Jeez, I just saved and started to upload the chart, I’m embarrassed to even post it, yuck…


This stock is a perennial good short. Not sure if its a sound strategy but at least sounds nice to short a stock that is up 20% when, we lost, LESS money then we thought we were going to, we still didnt make any, just lost less. Revenues are up big though, so thats encouraging on the long side. I’m pretty sure I lost a little money shorting this last year, so I’m afraid this might be a spite play. SHORT

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