Watchlist – 5/11/2010 – Again nothing worth trading on this list.

Yikes, both of my shorts from yesterday continued to plod higher. Of course I did mention in the watchlist that I didn’t like either of them very much, and pointed out that ANTS would continue to go up if it broke $1.80. But those are just lame excuses, yesterday had nothing very interesting and neither does today. I have plenty to keep my busy outside of trading, especially on days with setups like these..

Full list from Yahoo Finance


Same news as yesterday, again, in my lame defense I actually considered buying this mid day, but the illiquidity scared me away. I will continue to watch this on the short side, but ONLY because I can find no other stocks more worth watching. SHORT


Same comments as yesterday, but getting more and more choppy and more and more boring everyday. SHORT


Contract win, so good fundamental news, I’m only watching this out of spite I’m afraid though. I was up close to $1K on 1000 fricking shares a couple weeks ago, but was experimenting with a longer holding period and let this bastard come all the way back to even on me!! I would love to get some shares of this, but again, I have often shorted out of revenge and I don’t think it has EVER worked… SHORT


I thought about buying this on the break of $1.80, but its such a wretch and I hate buying so much I steered clear.. Great call idiot! Since I missed the long, I will wait for the short, somewhat “pumpish” company and I’ve heard they have paid lots of promoters and mailers. Companies that do that VERY seldom hold their gains. SHORT

Previous Day Review:

Nothing to review, no trades, and really just a couple missed long setups, so I won’t beat myself up to much.

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