Watchlist 4-24-2014 – $BIOF, $AXAS, $FXEN

Yikes yesterday was painfully boring, I traded but everything I tried went no where. Nice not to take losses but I think its even more frustrating more me to sit there at even and watch and watch and watch.. Something I need to workout is identifying these slow days quicker, then I can shutdown and do something else. I always have at least a 2 page to do list. So days like yesterday I should have checked out by 11AM and gotten some non trading shit done….

Because of the slow day yesterday, pre list is pretty boring, but should be lots of volatility today, big market moves with $AAPL and $FB earnings etc.

I’m not even going to bother to post charts, all these watches are lame… But I fully believe in running them to get “in tune” with the market. Any good looking charts showing up on the screens are all to low volume. Looking forward to the trading day and tomorrow’s scan, but today’s blegh.

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

FX Energy Inc. (FXEN) -NasdaqGS

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