Watchlist 4-22-2014 – $FXEN, $JAKK, $AXAS, $HIL, $BIOF

While nothing to brag about, I did stick to the plan yesterday and finished the day green. Some software issues as well as mediocre decisions minimized my gains.

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

FX Energy Inc. (FXEN) -NasdaqGS

Covered this in my recap video from yesterday, royally messed up the first short, but I’ll put 30% of the blame on software issues. Second short of the day was very solid. I think this continues to fade today.


JAKKS Pacific, Inc. (JAKK) -NasdaqGS

Almost shorted this 2-3 times last hour of the day yesterday, not sure why I stayed out though. It just never felt right. But looks like it could start fading very soon.


Abraxas Petroleum Corp. (AXAS) -NasdaqCM

Decided to hold this short overnight, though a smart man would have cut it. It might crack, but I am more confident it probably just grinds me and becomes annoying. Should have just went into the overnight with a clean slate. I HATE holding stocks overnight, especially mediocre setups like this one.


Hill International, Inc. (HIL) -NYSE

Like the chart, but I hate shorting $NYSE stocks, doubt I’ll play this.


BioFuel Energy Corp. (BIOF) -NasdaqCM

Had this on watch from yesterday so because of that almost traded it several times. Much like $JAKK it just never felt right, though had I entered it could have been a decent trade. Will watch for further fading today.


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