Watchlist 3-28-2014 – $NWBO, $SPLI

Good day yesterday, was fully strapped in all day and churned out some solid profits. No big winners but several bunts and singles, its amazing how quickly profits can add up when you are quick and agile and trade disciplined.

Quiet day on the scans for sure, but yesterday was similar. Lately it seems trading the intraday action is where its at.

List from 3/24/2014: Full list from Yahoo Finance

List from 3/25/2014: Full list from Yahoo Finance

List from 3/27/2014: Full list from Yahoo Finance

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

Northwest Biotherapeutics, Inc. (NWBO) -NasdaqCM

Not my usual type of play, but with enough selling this could really crack.


AvWorks Aviation Corp. (SPLI) -Other OTC

Doubt I will trade this because of the low price. But I HAVE to watch it, if you think there are a bunch of crazy loons ranting about $BCOIN on twitter, you haven’t seen ANYTHING yet…. The amount of irrational and insane people trading and promoting this stock is off the charts!!

Check this feed for nonstop amusement:


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