Watchlist 3-11-2014 – $PLUG, $FCEL, $THTI, $XXII, $RGSE, $SUNE


Trading can be very solitary for sure, it is one of the great things as well as one of the most challenging. It today’s list I go over some recent challenges and the growth I hope to gain.

List from 3/7/2014: Full list from Yahoo Finance

List from 3/10/2014: Full list from Yahoo Finance

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

Yikes quite the day yesterday! I broke a lot of rules shorting $PLUG pre market. I got out pretty quickly after the open for a loss. Nothing catastrophic, but frustrating, I literally broke about 2/3rds of my rules on that trade.

Because of that I did follow rule #8 and spent some time in introspection, as well as blog. The post was not necessarily directly related to the loss, but more in line with my lack of a REAL goal.

In hindsight it seems silly to be trading 10’s of thousands of dollars with absolutely no plan or goal. But I think in the transition from part timer to full timer it simply never crossed my mind that now I need to enforce more discipline and actually have a plan.


While they should not be, I’ve decided to keep all these fuel cell plays on watch. None of them are ready to short, but they are all so “in play” that its hard to not at least keep an eye on them.





Should have shorted the gap up yesterday, but I was fucking around with $PLUG instead. Keeping this on list to see where it goes, but this is MY TYPE OF PLAY, should have been in this and NOT $PLUG.



I think this is a total carcass, but I don’t totally understand the whole uplisting thing, So I’m watching this one more day.



Junk solar, need to keep an eye on the whole sector, another annoying loss I had recently was $SUNE, looking for some revenge. I try and short solars every time they pop.



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