Watchlist 3-10-2014 – $BLDP, $FCEL, $PLUG, $SMSI, $THTI

List from 3/7/2014: Full list from Yahoo Finance

Solid list from Friday, nailed the shorts on $ZAAP, $PXLW, $PPHM, $XGTI

What a killer day to be trading penny stocks, I was out most of the day for my son’s birthday party, but after getting home in the evening and clicking review, it was super exciting to see the outcome of the screens!

Only bummer about a killer scan on Friday is as a result I don’t see a whole lot today. Below are some mediocre setups, but nothing I’m too excited about. I’ll start digging harder about 8:30 to prep into the open.

Full list from Yahoo Finance


These are all the same sector and all up huge, but everyone and their brother are trying to short them. I like the charts, but I prefer to short stocks when the crowd is on the believer side not the hater side. They will all probably end up solid shorts, but not today/this week.





Positive news, but these guys are just “too old” in my opinion. I remember using their Telnet application back in the 90’s. Looks like they are just doing some lame rebranding to stay relevant.



Kind of like $SMSI, good news, but boring industry,how exciting can heat transfer plates be?



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