Watchlist 10-13-2014 – I REFUSE to catch Ebola! $LAKE, $APT, $IBIO, $AHPI, $OBCI, $JNS

Trade Plan:

Well basically everything on my list is Ebola related. That being said, I’m terrible at buying and even if I was good at it I would never go long at these levels. Of course the spiking has yet to show any signs of slowing so I will not short either. Great plan eh?? But I refuse to get caught in the front side of these moves. I’ll wait for the hype and the price and volume to fade in these Ebola plays. At some point some other natural disaster, international crisis, or celebrity nude photo hack will crop up and everyone will forget Ebola. I’ll wait till then. I’ll spend the morning watching and scanning old watchlists to find faders.

Very handy tool is google spreadsheets, super easy to quickly click through old watchlists and see the price auto updated.

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