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I agree with basically EVERYTHING he says.


Zych’s Workout: “I workout 6 days a week, usually 1-2 hours during the week and 2-3 hours each weekend day. During the week, I workout in the mornings (usually get up around 5:30). My work hours sometimes get a little crazy, so this is the only time I know I have available. Also, nothing beats the post-workout feeling as I sit down at my desk in the morning. I like to schedule a workout on Saturday morning, mostly to keep myself from drinking too much on a Friday night haha. If my body is too sore, I will take a day off. I used to try to train through the aches and pains, but it just isn’t smart. The last thing I want to do is get hurt.

“I belong to a local CrossFit gym (CrossFit Deep), where I do most of my lifting. I don’t always agree with their programming (burpees are stupid), but I can lift heavy and drop weights and be loud there. There are also some great athletes to compete with.

“I have a football training background, so that makes up the meat and potatoes of my training. Bench press, Olympic lifts, heavy squats and deadlifts. I do not do body part splits. “Arms Day” is stupid. Every day is Leg Day in some shape or form.”

I do 2-3 days of sprint work per week. This consists of jumping/explosiveness drills, flexibility work, and 100% effort starts and short sprints. I do this at the local track or in parking garages (great for hill sprints) if I’m stuck at the office. I’m terrified of not being fast, it’s weird.

I will spend a little bit of time on “skills” every day—things like rowing form, jump rope double-unders, handstand holds. My most recent projects are muscle-ups (a pull-up into a dip on hanging rings) and snatch (the Olympic lift)

I try to do some dedicated conditioning 2-3 per week. To me, this means running (treadmill interval sprints, 100 yard sprints, etc.). I also do CrossFit circuits as part of the gym’s programming (refuse to call them WODs or METCONs) which incorporate combos of lifting, running, jumping.

Nutrition: “Since I’m sitting at a desk for sometimes up to 100 hours a week, I try to be as healthy as possible when at the office. Some rules: try to bring prepared lunch as much as possible, only fruits/veggies as snacks, only drink water or milk during the day. I don’t follow a strict diet, but instead try to shoot for 6 “100% healthy days” a week. I define that as no alcohol, as much sleep as possible, and clean diet (meaning lean proteins and carbs mostly from fruits and veggies). I give myself 1 day a week to eat/drink whatever. This usually ends up being Saturday. This usually ends up being pizza. This usually ends up being beer.”

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