Video Trade Recap – 8/5/2010 $WWWW $ARNA

Back with a video recap and boy is it brooootal!!! But I’ll make progressive progress, they will be coming on a regular basis going forward.

Todo List:

  • Wide screen recording
  • Clean up distortion lines on green screen
  • audio sync, not sure what happened there…
  • stay more on topic
  • offer tips tricks, things I’ve learned

10 thoughts on “Video Trade Recap – 8/5/2010 $WWWW $ARNA”

  1. when did you short ARNA cause I was going to short it at end of the day at 7.20 ish but IB didn’t have any shares?

  2. so do you like holding these over night? cause it seems you do hold them over night pretty often?

  3. Do I like to? – FUCK NO!!!

    Do I seem to do it a lot? – For some stupid ass reason, yes.

    I need to review my trade log, but my gut says anytime I’ve held over a multi day timeframe I’ve lost money.

  4. i noticed that lol

    if i hold over night it just small positions like you only holding 1k of wwww. what a shit company btw.

  5. have you seen cocaine cowboys yet. it is a documentary from a yr back or so about the 1980’s Miami drug wars and how much money some of these jerk off rednecks were making?

  6. Bummer is I have no good counter argument…

    As mentioned in the video it never broke down, so I never should have shorted.

    The biggest bane of THIS part timer is getting the jones’s for trading and rushing into non ideal setups.

    You got me…

  7. Oh and another “issue” I have is seeing a stock up that much and ETB (WWWW), it often makes me jump in irrationally in fear of shares drying up. Even though I know that should not be a determining factor on whether or not to short.

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