TT for Meatheads V – Workout A – Week 1

Exercise Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
1A – Deadlift 8x225lbs 8x225lbs 8x225lbs
1B – 1 Arm Shoulder Press –Palms In 8x40lbs 8x45lbs 8x45lbs
2A – DB Walking Lunge 12x30lbs 12x30lbs 12x30lbs
2B – X-Body Mountain Climber 12 12 12
2C – Strap Triceps Extension 10 10 10
3A – Power Shrug 8x185lbs 8x185lbs
3B – Rear DB Deltoid Raise 10x25lbs 10x25lbs
3C – Calf Raise 12x30lbs 12x30lbs
Ugh, really feeling the week off. I can feel the shittiness of Las Vegas food oozing out in my sweat! Weights light across the board but being conservative after the week off, kicked ass on the tempo though!

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