TT for Meatheads V – Workout B – Week 1

Exercise Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
1A – DB Chest Press 10x50lbs 10x50lbs 10x50lbs
1B – Chin UP w/Knee Up 10 7 7
2A – Close Grip Bench Press 8x155lbs 8x155lbs 8x155lbs
2B – Hanging Knee Raise 12 12 12
3A – Decline Close Grip Push Up 20 20
3B – Underhand Grip BW Row 12 12
Terrible!! Totally mailed it in today.. I will NEVER take a full week off again, soreness was over the top from Monday’s workout. Ugh can’t wait till tomorrow to make up for this shit.

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