TT for Meatheads V – Workout A – Week 2

Exercise Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
1A – Deadlift 8x225lbs 8x275lbs 4x275lbs
1B – 1 Arm Shoulder Press –Palms In 8x40lbs 8x50lbs 8x45lbs
2A – DB Walking Lunge 12x30lbs 12x30lbs 12x30lbs
2B – X-Body Mountain Climber 12 12 12
2C – Strap Triceps Extension 10 10 10
3A – Power Shrug 8x185lbs 8x205lbs 8x205lbs
3B – Rear DB Deltoid Raise 10x30lbs 10x30lbs 10x30lbs
3C – Calf Raise 12x30lbs 12x30lbs 12x30lbs
Ripped it up! Very solid!! Deadlifts still light, could have gone 300+ but after that terrible post Vegas lift last week I was timid AGAIN. Power shrugs are cool and fun as hell! Bodyweight: 176 Start Time: 7:01 Workout Quality: 9

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