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I’ve decided as a proof of concept to take my family on a two week long camping trip while I part time trade from the road. I’ve often extolled the ability to trade stocks location independent. While a lot of day traders get into crazy setups with 100 monitors and other crap. To really be profitable all you need is a mediocre wifi connection and a decent laptop. Even the laptop doesn’t need to be that great. I’ll be using a Macbook Pro, but could get along just fine with a $500 PC. One of the goals of this trip is to prove that you don’t need much to successfully trade penny stocks and it can literally be done from anywhere, including a campsite in the middle of nowhere.

As you can see in the map above I’ll be traveling around the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, which is VERY rural. My biggest challenge will be finding wifi to mooch or 4G via cell. This could be a difficult so my goal to trade every day may get derailed, but as long as I can find wifi within 20 minutes of our campsite I will “commute” to this location each day.

Why conduct this experiment? I’ve seen plenty of traders trade from hotels and do it successfully, but as far as I know every one of them have been single guys or guys that do not have their family in tow. I’ve spent weeks at a time in a hotel but its not exactly the most “family” experience. My goal in this trip is to spend all afternoon and evening exploring cool locations, enjoying the outdoors and bonding with my family. NOT sitting in restaurants or hotel lounges for two weeks.

My daily routine will vary slightly but depending on how far I have to commute to get an internet connection. If I can trade from the campsite I will still rise early, run my screens and post a watch list as prep. If I have a suitable internet connect I’ll post my daily video watch list as well. My goal is then to trade until noon. While I like this half day schedule any time of year it is especially applicable now. The markets in August have only really been active in the morning and trades and volatility really dry up in the afternoon. The only real bummer about quitting mid day is I will be missing out on one of my favorite setups, the late day fade. But my¬†aspiration¬†for this trip is to just show that it can be done. I will not be trying to rack up crazy profits. Just make green days consistently. I’ll post all my trades to this blog as well as Ideally I will be in cash each day at noon, but if I have a very high risk to reward setup and a suitable cellular connection I may try to swing trades. But while my primary focus will be to trade succesfully, I also want to show that you can be fully present and focused on your family while trading pennystocks part time. So unless the setup is slam dunk to swing, I’ll be holding no positions overnight.

If you are curious to see the progress of this project follow me at all these places:


I’ll not only be posting trading updates, but at least one daily post recapping the days travels with pictures of the outdoors and historical places we check out. And who knows I’m sure there will be assorted mishaps as well.

I’m really pressing hard to become a “writer” I’ve often read that to be a writer you need to live a life worth writing about. I think this will be a cool and fun project to try and intersect trading, family, travel and exploration.


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  1. Just realize the timeline was a little unclear, we are departing tomorrow 8/11/2014.

    The scribbled dates on the map denote the dates we are staying at each site.

    I’ll post details about each State Park that we stay at.

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