Traveling Part Time Trader – Day 9 Summary

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This update is for 8/19/2014.

Not much to report for today, lots and lots of rain, lots and lots of challenges getting connectivity and nothing too great trades wise.

I don’t have enough bandwidth to upload pictures so I only managed to post one spooky one of the lighthouse Garrison was fishing at.

I traded $ACHN and $MNKD this morning for a total of like $350 bucks. So bummer is only up $350 in two days, but there was no wifi anywhere nearby except a ranger station that I would have had to sit outside at. Considering the rain, not sure if my laptop would have enjoyed that.

I managed to trade via a pretty decent 4G tethered phone, but its VERY hard to go balls deep into a trade when you are dropping packets. Hence the reason I traded $ACHN and $MNKD small, and ended up calling it a day around noon. My connection was decent until the rain and fog rolled in. At that point I figured not trading was the best call.

Again not a ton to recount from today, we traveled in the rain and fog to Mclain State Park, which is a very badass looking state park in a very nice location. But the rain and fog refused to quit. Garrison did get out on a pier and throw some casts until the rain turned into a downpour.

We did have a fun laid back evening in the RV though, we played a bunch of games of Uno and Connect Four and then settled in for the night.

2 thoughts on “Traveling Part Time Trader – Day 9 Summary”

  1. Hey Tim,

    When do you typically create your watchlist? Do you create it right after the trading hours, at night, or early in the morning before the market opens? I’m just trying to understand your watchlist and trying to follow along.

    Thank you

    Tim R

  2. I prefer to do it in the morning. Usually by the end of the trading day I’m ready to do something else or get outside. Plus evenings are family time.


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