Traveling Part Time Trader – Day 6 Summary

Hit the mid point of our trip today so it was a day to replenish our stock piles and after a busy week kind of a chill day. Tracy and Lily did grocery shopping and laundry which since the closest town with a laundromat (Escanaba) is about 40 minutes away it turned into almost a full day trip. Garrison and I spent the day mostly just hanging out, hiking around the state park and reading. As I mentioned yesterday there is not a ton to do at this State Park so I don’t have a whole lot of pictures. That being said it is a killer location to sit by Lake Michigan and read and think about altering my trading.


Although the week ended up ok, I was really pissed Friday, actually managed to trade for EXACTLY $0 in profits, I guess thats better than a loss and overall the week ended up green. But 5 days of scalping without any great plays had me burned out.


Well I should rephrase that, there were a couple “pretty good” plays and I either missed them or botched them. Biggest reason was I spent hours fucking around trying to trade $GTAT, I’m sure in the end I ended up losing money on it overall. But I would net some small profits and that would encourage me to keep trading it. I should NOT be trading this stock, they are “real” have a deal with $AAPL and just because the price jumps around I decide I want to try and trade it literally all week long. I struggled for a while today to figure out why I was so frustrated after a profitable week. Then it dawned on me, the constant mental energy wasted on $GTAT. I now feel better about next week’s plan. I will redouble my focus on JUNK stocks and avoid real stocks, even if they are moving.

I’ll be sending out the reading list email tomorrow night but this weeks books consisted of.

The Daily Trading Coach


Think and Grow Rich

A nice basket of trading, self improvement and business.

Wrapping this entry up from the Marina at Cedar River, its approaching dark so Garrison and I are off to try and catch some walleye.

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